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Let's be honest - the Bible can be a little "blurry."  

Who were the Nephilim (giants)?  Where did demons come from?  Was the serpent in the garden really a talking snake?  Who or what is this Divine Council?  Why are there other religions?  Why would a loving God command Israel to kill the inhabitants of the Promised Land?  Why was Jesus so secretative about being the Messiah?  

Using Genesis 1-12 as our outline, we'll cover these topics and more.

Inspired by his favorite podcast, Blurry Creatures and biblical scholar Dr. Michael Heiser, Pastor Chad will discuss the blurry parts of the Bible.  Not only will we discover why these "blurry" events are important to good theology, but we will discuss their impact on our world today.  In the meantime, check out Dr. Heiser's video about the Divine Council.