Welcome to Klamath Nazarene!
Life is Messy

Let's be honest, we're all messy people living in a messy world, and here at KNaz, we understand that. We are messy people with messy stories, and to some degree or another, still living messy lives. Thankfully, God, who cares deeply for all people, loves us and walks with us in and through our messiness.


Jesus Christ doesn't want to leave us in our mess. He desires the best for our lives - to reach our potential in Him.  At KNaz, we believe in the transforming power of God's amazing grace, love, and truth.  We are ordinary people with extraordinary stories of how God works in our messiness to create wholeness, peace and purpose. 

Messy or not, all are welcome at Klamath Nazarene!  Yes, there is room for you at the table. Hope to see you soon!